Originally napcabs debuted in international airports including at Berlin and Munich International Airports over 10 years ago. Napcity napcabs are engineered to meet the unique needs of users throughout the Americas and provide the ideal solution for passengers awaiting their departure.

The napcabs provide a private hideaway from airport hectic and noise. Each feature a bed, enabling travelers to relax and re-energize. Travelers are able to adjust many settings to their preference, including temperature and lighting. The built in desk and charging station can help boost productivity for business travelers. 


NapCity napcabs allow the airport to generate incremental non-aeronautical revenues while improving the passenger experience. Offering NapCity napcabs through a revenue share lease model provides several benefits for airport operators:
  • Profitable usage of small space which otherwise has little or no other purpose
  • Additional income that compliments existing concessions program
  • New level of comfort for waiting passengers
  • Higher level of passenger satisfaction
  • Competitive advantage to other airports and hotels

NapCity napcabs are engineered to airport safety guidelines including fire and electrical codes. The napcabs are fire proofed and include fire sprinkler system and electrical integrations. The entire unit is self-sustained, eliminating complexities associated with build out and installation in a wide variety of spaces. Having originated in international airports over 10 years ago, napcabs are uniquely positioned to address the needs of travelers in public transit spaces such as airports.