Our Story

Our napcabs are the first automated private space solution UL & ULC certified for commercial use in North America. Napcity has passed all of the highest safety and quality standards to provide the ultimate private space solution in the market. 

It all started in 2008 with hundreds of college students from all over the globe working on an international design competition, including a group of German university students that ultimately won the competition with their original design of a napcab. The design was ultimately so popular that it was launched in German international airports including Berlin and Munich.

It was around 2012 that our current CEO who is also one of Napcity’s founders, began traveling around the globe looking for innovative solutions to provide private spaces for rent within the Americas. During his time as an executive for over 20 years with the world's largest wine and spirits distributor, his global travels through hectic travel terminals inspired his search for a better solution for people on the go looking for rest and private space as he found it was basically impossible avoid those feelings of "jet lag" and stay productive. 

As an entrepreneur he created Napcity to address the universal need for private space and the public health benefits from having more private spaces available for sleep, work and general privacy. The journey soon led up to an international partnership to bring the technology and napcab experience to the Americas.

Since then Napcity has engineered the napcab solution from the ground up for markets throughout the Americas, working with industry leader United Laboratories (UL) to create the first UL & ULC certified modular private space solution in the market with our next generation napcabs, meetingcabs, callcabs and general custom space solutions. 

After years of development, analyzing customer feedback internationally and robust trial and error, our next generation models, including the napcab L & XL, are highly functional, tranquil environments to work and rest.

Initially, we sought to operate them exclusively, but when people began to reach out to us from all over the Americas wanting to use them for their offices, hospitals, universities, airports, malls and other locations, the approach evolved and changed, now with our next-generation units now available for pre-order to individuals and companies for extended use throughout the Americas.