Transportation Hubs

For the many commuters and visitors taking trips to rest stations and transportation hubs, our napcabs offer a unique retreat of private space. 

The scene in most highway rest stations involves drivers coming and going at random times while staying for an often extended amount of time. 

For drivers, oftentimes schedule demands require extended times in uncomfortable conditions.  With napcabs transportation facilities can support drivers and staff by offering additional short-term private rest space. 

NapCity operates as the exclusive provider of napcabs in throughout the Americas. Our napcabs can be used in many places for many reasons. Anyplace that people spend long hours has a need for a napcab. Places such as transportation hubs and rest stations do not typically have proper accommodations for visitors to have private space.

New developments, space refurbishments, and historical buildings can all utilize the options that napcabs have to offer. With our ability to customize to many specific needs, owning a napcab is an affordable investment that will be appreciated by everyone who uses it.

Research dictates that naps increase production, alertness, improved moods, memory and more while supporting overall health and wellness. Want to enhance the experience of visitors while improving your environment? Install napcabs in your transportation facility and benefit from the difference.